The Drinking Game

[9/16/12 6:17:43 PM] sam: i have something
[9/16/12 6:17:07 PM] sam: you need to see it

[9/16/12 6:17:20 PM] sam: Posted files.

H’okay so here it is

The Philosophy at Odd Hours Drinking Game

*scattered applause*

Take a drink when…

  • Either Sam or Alanah say “frak” (or any variation thereupon)
  • Sam relates something to Doctor Who
  • Alanah relates something to Supernatural
  • Sam praises a villain
  • Alanah says, “SAYUM!”
  • You vehemently agree or disagree with Alanah and/or Sam
  • Alanah claims to be crying (i.e. “I am crying” or T_T)


Take three drinks when…

  • Sam and/or Alanah send a link
  • You assume that Sam and/or Alanah are drinking
  • You have concrete evidence that Sam and/or Alanah are drinking
  • Sam and/or Alanah start typing in some kind of dialect
  • The topic has nothing to do with a TV show
  • The discussion makes you realize something novel
  • You suspect that Sam and/or Alanah is genuinely upset
  • Sam and/or Alanah offend a race, religious order, or alien species
  • Sam and/or Alanah starts to explain something using Computer Science


FINISH your drink when…

  • The post ends and there is no resolution
  • You feel compelled to post a comment on the post
  • You actually post a comment on the post
  • Sam starts complaining about the crack in Amelia Pond’s wall


Refill your drink when…

  • Alanah says, “side-note”
  • Sam starts to ramble on about neuroscience

[9/16/12 6:22:53 PM] File transfer complete.

[9/16/12 6:22:04 PM] Alanah: oh my god
[9/16/12 6:22:06 PM] Alanah: i cant
[9/16/12 6:22:09 PM] Alanah: i love this
[9/16/12 6:22:11 PM] Alanah: oh my gos
[9/16/12 6:22:13 PM] Alanah: *god
[9/16/12 6:22:16 PM] Alanah: i cant stop laughing


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