Submit Topics

[9/17/12 2:32:00 PM] alanah: so we need to make a submit topics page
[9/17/12 2:32:10 PM] alanah: so whatever you say right now is going on the post
[9/17/12 2:32:14 PM] alanah: hi people!

[9/17/12 2:32:15 PM] sam: i love how like no two pictures of us are gonna show us with the same hair color…

[9/17/12 2:32:17 PM] alanah: greet the people sam

[9/17/12 2:32:34 PM] sam: oh, ah, hey people!

[9/17/12 2:32:35 PM] alanah: (surrusly, right?)

[9/17/12 2:32:56 PM] sam: (srsly)

[9/17/12 2:33:19 PM] alanah: so when sam and i talk, about things, we’re open to you offering suggestions about what they might be

[9/17/12 2:33:38 PM] sam: because sometimes we can’t think of things to talk about…
[9/17/12 2:33:39 PM] sam: i’m lying
[9/17/12 2:33:41 PM] sam: but still

[9/17/12 2:33:44 PM] alanah: i mean, we’re pretty good at doing it on our own
[9/17/12 2:33:53 PM] alanah: we never do run out
[9/17/12 2:33:59 PM] alanah: we just have to sleep sometimes
[9/17/12 2:34:05 PM] alanah: or i have to go make dinner…
[9/17/12 2:34:18 PM] alanah: or sam has to do productive GRE things….

[9/17/12 2:34:32 PM] sam: no i never really do anything

[9/17/12 2:34:36 PM] alanah: she’s lying
[9/17/12 2:34:39 PM] alanah: but still

[9/17/12 2:34:49 PM] sam: meh

[9/17/12 2:34:56 PM] alanah: if you want, you can comment below, and we’ll consider broaching your topic in our next post
[9/17/12 2:35:01 PM] alanah: no promises tho
[9/17/12 2:35:06 PM] alanah: i mean, your topic might suck

[9/17/12 2:35:21 PM] sam: we’ll probably just post discussion about what things we’re going to discuss
[9/17/12 2:35:24 PM] sam: and then not discuss them

[9/17/12 2:35:24 PM] alanah: or it might have spelling errors
[9/17/12 2:35:46 PM] alanah: or be something stupid
[9/17/12 2:36:01 PM] alanah: like “Discuss: Why Katniss Everdeen Is A Great Rolemodel”

[9/17/12 2:36:08 PM] sam: lol

[9/17/12 2:36:25 PM] alanah: at which point we’ll kill your face

[9/17/12 2:36:45 PM] sam: well Alanah will, I’ll just chuckle and think about Jennifer Lawrence…

[9/17/12 2:36:49 PM] alanah: true
[9/17/12 2:37:08 PM] alanah: ill come after you, and Sam will have private time with a picture of JL
[9/17/12 2:37:22 PM] alanah: *wiggly brows*
[9/17/12 2:37:27 PM] alanah: because really, sam wants her
[9/17/12 2:37:30 PM] alanah: wants her bad

[9/17/12 2:37:34 PM] sam: lol

[9/17/12 2:37:41 PM] alanah: i just want her face
[9/17/12 2:37:45 PM] alanah: killed
[9/17/12 2:37:53 PM] alanah: lol
[9/17/12 2:37:55 PM] alanah: not JL
[9/17/12 2:37:58 PM] alanah: katniss
[9/17/12 2:37:59 PM] alanah: sorry
[9/17/12 2:38:02 PM] alanah: projecting again

[9/17/12 2:38:04 PM] sam: lol
[9/17/12 2:38:11 PM] sam: good job alanah
[9/17/12 2:38:18 PM] sam: now you’re making death threats

[9/17/12 2:38:23 PM] alanah: *only very mild shame*
[9/17/12 2:38:25 PM] alanah: oh yeah
[9/17/12 2:38:26 PM] alanah: right
[9/17/12 2:38:27 PM] alanah: ok
[9/17/12 2:38:34 PM] alanah: i promise we wont kill you

[9/17/12 2:38:46 PM] sam: i might write your name in my death note
[9/17/12 2:38:55 PM] sam: but it’s made out of duct tape so…no worries

[9/17/12 2:38:56 PM] alanah: submit your topic suggestions, and we’ll do our best to live up to your expectations
[9/17/12 2:39:08 PM] alanah: ……i dont understand that reference.

[9/17/12 2:39:17 PM] sam: i know you don’t

(^^^ referenced in this post)


3 thoughts on “Submit Topics

  1. Sample topic submissions from alanah:

    Discuss: The Mechanics of Body-Swapping
    TBBT: Bully or Buddy?
    Discuss: Representation of the Mentally Disabled in TV/Film
    Discuss: Invisible Woman
    The ___ of the Companions: Is Amy Pond The Best or The Most Pathetic?
    Discuss: Comic Book Hero Themed Cocktails
    Livejournal: Do You Want/Need/Have Use For One?
    Discuss: Naming Your Child Bobo
    Discuss: Sam and Alanah’s Favorite Male Superhero

    Get the picture? Good. Your turn.

  2. Rob White says: Topics that are being submitted include the necessary evil of the black sword cock in the Adventures of King Arther and his Biddies: A tale of ho’s and pimps.
    Topic number two that needs to be submitted is the relative insanity necessary to allow for radiant application of vibrant pigment to the folicular layer of the human head. Also Penis, what even is this thing?

  3. Rob White says: Topic three, why are Shatiki’s boobs so big? Will they take over the world? Or will they simply cause the systematic destabilization of the Earth’s magnetosphere?

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