Discuss: Are Hawkeye and Black Widow screwing?

[10/12/12 11:06:40 PM] alanah: i have a question for you [10/12/12 11:06:48 PM] alanah: a very deep, robing question [10/12/12 11:06:54 PM] alanah: and i want you to answer honestly Advertisements

Jedi and Wizards and Bears, No Lie

[9/27/12 6:37:26 PM] sam: The Tee Fury t-shirt today is like 5 wizards standing together…well you can look at it [9/27/12 6:37:50 PM] sam: Obi-wan’s on there and a lot of the comments say how he doesn’t belong in the same class with wizards

TBBT: Bullies, Boredom, and Philosophies of TV-Watching

[9/10/12 6:07:27 PM] sam: http://butmyopinionisright.tumblr.com/post/31079561065/the-problem-with-the-big-bang-theory [9/10/12 6:07:57 PM] sam: there are all the reasons I may not be able to in good conscience watch The Big Bang Theory anymore [9/10/12 6:20:36 PM] alanah: i’m only half way through this, but i can tell you already that i completely disagree with this opinion

On Guild Wars 2 and Codes of Conduct

NOTE: Sam’s laptop is named Gigi. Alanah’s laptop is named Caesar Augustus aka Oggy. Also, they have a friend named Mike. —- [9/22/12 6:07:34 PM] sam: So in Guild Wars earlier [9/22/12 6:07:39 PM] sam: I was doing this thing