In the beginning, there were two best friends named Sam and Alanah. They met while attending the same college, but didn’t live together until their senior year. A year full of television, research, wine, and bowling, it proved to them that they were, in fact, destined to be awesome. Alanah is of the opinion that they’re actually soul mates a la Supernatural’s heaven from Dark Side of the Moon. Sam thinks it’s more likely that they’re mind clones (or brain clones…the existence of the “mind” is still up for discussion…)

After college ended, Alanah and Sam were forced to live 3000 miles apart for an indeterminable amount of time. As a result, their near-daily skype sessions were left until the late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning. Or sometimes before lunch. Or around 4:30 pm. And occasionally at, like, 10 am…

Thus, Philosophy At Odd Hours (PaOH to people who are cool) was born – the blog where Sam and Alanah share their discussions about random topics that typically occur around 2AM (EST). Science, technology, television, film, comic-book characters, genre trends, nueroscience, computer science, theatre, language, and everything in between. They WILL talk about anything. If you have a topic you think they’d enjoy discussing – and that you’d enjoy reading – let them know via the Submit Topics page up top, and…we’ll see what happens?

Disclaimer: This blog is largely composed of the opinions of two people that know each other quite well and who aren’t afraid they’ll offend one another. As such, it is possible that we may offend other people and we would like to apologize for any unintentionally offensive discussions focused around people (alive or dead, fiction or non-fiction), religious orders, fandoms, or alien races. In the event that you do feel offended, well, we’ll probably just post a joint discussion dissecting your rationale for feeling offended, or on the philosophy of offending people.
alanah: sam we’re so cool

sam: yeah, we’re pretty much the coolest kids in town

alanah: dont even play

sam: you just ruined it.


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