Discuss: The Mechanics of Body-Swapping and Brain-Space Security

[9/16/12 6:56:55 PM] sam: ugh


[9/16/12 6:57:25 PM] sam: i wish i could magically send you the new Who episode so you could watch it…cause all i wanna do is talk about it even though i have emails to write..
[9/16/12 6:57:28 PM] sam: that’s all i wanna do
[9/16/12 6:57:41 PM] sam: oh but i wrote things on a stickie on my desktop about PaOH…
[9/16/12 6:57:47 PM] sam: what did I write…
[9/16/12 6:58:04 PM] sam: blog plans:
-Alanah can pick where we host it from cause sam don’t care
-Sam gonna create the PaOH drinking game…dibs
-we’re gonna end up arguing about thing that should be but on the blog so one day we should have a blog full of the best arguments about whether something should be put on the blog.


[9/16/12 6:59:00 PM] alanah: YAY
[9/16/12 6:59:03 PM] alanah: EEEEEEP
[9/16/12 6:59:07 PM] alanah: oh wait
[9/16/12 6:59:08 PM] alanah: i see
[9/16/12 6:59:13 PM] alanah: you mean what site we host if from

[9/16/12 6:59:17 PM] sam: yes

[9/16/12 6:59:40 PM] alanah: i thought i was gonna get to be like “Brought to you tonight from Chicago!”
[9/16/12 7:00:04 PM] alanah: but now…..now i see….

[9/16/12 7:00:07 PM] sam: lol

[9/16/12 7:00:10 PM] alanah: thats somewhat ridiculous

[9/16/12 7:00:22 PM] sam: only slightly

[9/16/12 7:00:24 PM] alanah: only somewhat.

[9/16/12 7:00:26 PM] sam: lol

[9/16/12 7:00:26 PM] alanah: lol
[9/16/12 7:00:30 PM] alanah: get out of my head

[9/16/12 7:00:35 PM] sam: you first

[9/16/12 7:00:44 PM] alanah: um
[9/16/12 7:00:47 PM] alanah: if i got out of MY head
[9/16/12 7:00:52 PM] alanah: you’d be in my head, alone
[9/16/12 7:00:56 PM] alanah: so youd…be….me?

[9/16/12 7:01:02 PM] sam: oOo

[9/16/12 7:01:05 PM] alanah: and then your head would be free, so id be in yours?
[9/16/12 7:01:13 PM] alanah: we’d have a legit body swap on our hands
[9/16/12 7:01:15 PM] alanah: O_O
[9/16/12 7:01:21 PM] alanah: i wonder if theyd notice…..
[9/16/12 7:01:30 PM] alanah: ok, my parents would definitely notice
[9/16/12 7:01:49 PM] alanah: not because they particularly pay much attention, but because youd flip out over stuff
[9/16/12 7:02:06 PM] alanah: and possibly hit my sister in the face

[9/16/12 7:02:37 PM] sam: but then you’re operating under the assumption that because I am in your head (which you’ve just told me to get out of) that I am not simultaneously in my head. But since you are reciprocally in my head (which I just told you to get out of) that you are not simultaneously in your head. So…I don’t think I know who I am anymore

[9/16/12 7:03:26 PM] alanah: can you be in two heads at once then?

[9/16/12 7:03:33 PM] sam: i think you’d have to be

[9/16/12 7:03:56 PM] alanah: i was operating under the assumption that our “selves” have been like, ven diagramming into each others brain space
[9/16/12 7:04:10 PM] alanah: like my ‘self’ leans halfway out of my head and half way into yours
[9/16/12 7:04:12 PM] alanah: and vice versa
[9/16/12 7:04:26 PM] alanah: except for the times when we are both on the subspace highway between our brains
[9/16/12 7:04:42 PM] alanah: in which we’re just riding brain-space-bikes on the same path

[9/16/12 7:04:55 PM] sam: can they be light-cycles instead?
[9/16/12 7:05:00 PM] sam: in space

[9/16/12 7:05:00 PM] alanah: yes
[9/16/12 7:05:05 PM] alanah: frak yes they can be lightcycles

[9/16/12 7:05:08 PM] sam: ok good

[9/16/12 7:05:12 PM] alanah: in brain-space

[9/16/12 7:05:25 PM] sam: dude…brain space would be frakkin terrifying

[9/16/12 7:05:35 PM] alanah: so i suppose, two heads at once does make sense…..
[9/16/12 7:05:41 PM] alanah: i dunno….
[9/16/12 7:05:54 PM] alanah: i imagine brain space to look like the end of Croatoan for some reason
[9/16/12 7:06:08 PM] alanah: you know, the fence by the lake with the pretty autumn trees
[9/16/12 7:06:10 PM] alanah: and beer
[9/16/12 7:06:21 PM] alanah: but i suppose, in reality
[9/16/12 7:06:31 PM] alanah: brain space would be more like the space between your brain and skull during a hangover
[9/16/12 7:06:33 PM] alanah: 8C
[9/16/12 7:06:38 PM] alanah: like spiderwebs of pain
[9/16/12 7:06:51 PM] alanah: 8CCCC
[9/16/12 7:07:04 PM] alanah: *single perfect tear*

[9/16/12 7:07:36 PM] sam: i mean i’m just invisioning trying to like…travel across a neuron
[9/16/12 7:07:42 PM] sam: and how horrifying that would be…

[9/16/12 7:08:16 PM] alanah: ew…..i feel like neurons are….hard

[9/16/12 7:08:20 PM] sam: and how you would have to be able to navigate in 0-G because you’d have to try to avoid all the synapses on the axon you were traveling on

[9/16/12 7:08:23 PM] alanah: difficult, not un-soft

[9/16/12 7:08:32 PM] sam: yeah…

[9/16/12 7:08:55 PM] alanah: well, i mean, wall-e did it with a fire extinguisher

[9/16/12 7:09:04 PM] sam: and then there could be like a rouge micro-glia, like the would be the bad guys trying to kill us and knock us off our light-cycles’

[9/16/12 7:09:20 PM] alanah: so all we’d need is a microscopic, non-tissue-damaging fire extinguisher.

[9/16/12 7:09:28 PM] sam: yeah but that was actual space

[9/16/12 7:09:29 PM] alanah: whoa whoa

[9/16/12 7:09:31 PM] sam: we’d need like
[9/16/12 7:09:35 PM] sam: rocket packs

[9/16/12 7:09:37 PM] alanah: we have ENEMIES in our brain space now?!
[9/16/12 7:09:43 PM] alanah: have we not been locking the doors or something?

[9/16/12 7:09:45 PM] sam: of course we do

[9/16/12 7:09:54 PM] alanah: holy frak sam, who else is in here with us?!
[9/16/12 7:10:10 PM] alanah: and rocket packs?!

[9/16/12 7:10:13 PM] sam: no no no they’re just trying to protect it, they just haven’t gotten the memo about not harming the light-cyclists
[9/16/12 7:10:18 PM] sam: some one should really post a sign…

[9/16/12 7:10:26 PM] alanah: didnt you SEE what happened to Andrew when he had a rocket pack in Buffy? thats what would happen to me
[9/16/12 7:10:35 PM] alanah: id hit my head on something hard
[9/16/12 7:10:40 PM] alanah: as in un-soft, not difficult
[9/16/12 7:10:53 PM] alanah: ….
[9/16/12 7:10:58 PM] alanah: well, if we need a sign
[9/16/12 7:11:11 PM] alanah: then we should just make sure not to ask an art student

[9/16/12 7:11:16 PM] sam: yeah…

[9/16/12 7:11:21 PM] alanah: that one chick who painted my sign for “Frankly” sucked frak

[9/16/12 7:11:27 PM] sam: lol

[9/16/12 7:11:31 PM] alanah: lol
[9/16/12 7:14:15 PM] alanah: this begs the question of course
[9/16/12 7:14:26 PM] alanah: what language will the sign be in

[9/16/12 7:14:37 PM] sam: ahhh
[9/16/12 7:14:38 PM] sam: yes

[9/16/12 7:14:44 PM] alanah: do the micro-glia read english?

[9/16/12 7:14:51 PM] sam: well hmm no

[9/16/12 7:15:00 PM] alanah: or do we need to like, make it a zappy sign
[9/16/12 7:15:08 PM] alanah: it zaps things that pass by it with the info
[9/16/12 7:15:21 PM] alanah: in….brain electricity or whatever

[9/16/12 7:15:29 PM] sam: it would have to be like…written in neurotransmitters..but not neurotransmitters
[9/16/12 7:15:32 PM] sam: lol

[9/16/12 7:15:33 PM] alanah: i feel like a stupid prson.
[9/16/12 7:15:35 PM] alanah: *person

[9/16/12 7:15:48 PM] sam: most signals in the brains aren’t transmitted electrically, well a good portion anyway

[9/16/12 7:15:55 PM] alanah: it helps that i spell everything wrong.

[9/16/12 7:15:58 PM] sam: i’m pretty sure most of it if chemical transduction

[9/16/12 7:15:58 PM] alanah: i mean, incorrectly.
[9/16/12 7:15:59 PM] alanah: frak.

[9/16/12 7:16:03 PM] sam: wrongly
[9/16/12 7:16:06 PM] sam: :p
[9/16/12 7:16:09 PM] sam: frak

[9/16/12 7:16:10 PM] alanah: valid.

[9/16/12 7:16:13 PM] sam: it’s fun to say frak
[9/16/12 7:16:16 PM] sam: FRAK

[9/16/12 7:16:23 PM] alanah: lol
[9/16/12 7:16:25 PM] alanah: frak
[9/16/12 7:16:27 PM] alanah: Frak
[9/16/12 7:16:32 PM] alanah: it is actually
[9/16/12 7:16:35 PM] alanah: *giggles*

[9/16/12 7:16:41 PM] sam: heheh

[9/16/12 7:16:49 PM] alanah: so….is this sign instead like, a squirt gun?
[9/16/12 7:16:58 PM] alanah: it fires chemical signatures at passing micro-glia?

[9/16/12 7:17:00 PM] sam: no i…
[9/16/12 7:17:01 PM] sam: lol
[9/16/12 7:17:06 PM] sam: lol
[9/16/12 7:17:06 PM] sam: i just kinda picture
[9/16/12 7:17:10 PM] sam: its funny

[9/16/12 7:17:12 PM] alanah: XD
[9/16/12 7:17:20 PM] alanah: im laughing pretty hard right now
[9/16/12 7:17:29 PM] alanah: lol

[9/16/12 7:17:32 PM] sam: i just kinda picuture the micro-glia…just banging into the sign
[9/16/12 7:17:35 PM] sam: lol

[9/16/12 7:17:44 PM] alanah: hahahahahah!
[9/16/12 7:17:59 PM] alanah: like, just hovering into it
[9/16/12 7:18:07 PM] alanah: and then kinda, like ant-speaking to it?

[9/16/12 7:18:15 PM] sam: no like traveling at full speed and just WHAM

[9/16/12 7:18:15 PM] alanah: *feelersfeelersfeelers*
[9/16/12 7:18:25 PM] alanah: “oh!, now i understand. ride free, lightcyclists!”
[9/16/12 7:18:39 PM] alanah: HA

[9/16/12 7:18:43 PM] sam: and then they’re imbued with the diving knowledge of the sign…

[9/16/12 7:18:46 PM] alanah: how would they not splat?

[9/16/12 7:18:48 PM] sam: *divine

[9/16/12 7:18:52 PM] alanah: divine
[9/16/12 7:18:52 PM] alanah: oh
[9/16/12 7:18:53 PM] alanah: good
[9/16/12 7:18:56 PM] alanah: not diving
[9/16/12 7:19:03 PM] alanah: i was about to be like, frak, im lost again

[9/16/12 7:19:08 PM] sam: maybe the sign is made is made of like…astrocytic tissue
[9/16/12 7:19:14 PM] sam: so it’ll be kinda stretchy

[9/16/12 7:19:23 PM] alanah: like a trampoline

[9/16/12 7:19:31 PM] sam: yeah kinda

[9/16/12 7:19:33 PM] alanah: will they get bounced in the opposite direction?

[9/16/12 7:19:35 PM] sam: no

[9/16/12 7:19:45 PM] alanah: will there be the potential for the rare but plausible double-bounce?

[9/16/12 7:19:51 PM] sam: that would be tremendously counter-productive

[9/16/12 7:19:52 PM] alanah: frakkit
[9/16/12 7:19:56 PM] alanah: but
[9/16/12 7:20:02 PM] alanah: but itd be cool
[9/16/12 7:20:08 PM] alanah: so wait

[9/16/12 7:20:10 PM] sam: it would

[9/16/12 7:20:13 PM] alanah: is this like inception then
[9/16/12 7:20:27 PM] alanah: where if anybody but us breaks into our brain space, the micro-glia will kill them?

[9/16/12 7:20:48 PM] sam: well we’d have to add that to the sign

[9/16/12 7:20:58 PM] alanah: thats fine

[9/16/12 7:21:01 PM] sam: as of now we’ve only stipulated that light-cycles are ok

[9/16/12 7:21:18 PM] alanah: well, i guess we’ll have to register our light cycles….

[9/16/12 7:21:33 PM] sam: yeah we could do that

[9/16/12 7:21:38 PM] alanah: i mean, not everyone could conjure a lightcycle
[9/16/12 7:21:43 PM] alanah: but some one might

[9/16/12 7:21:46 PM] sam: …what if we could ride On the micro-glia

[9/16/12 7:21:51 PM] alanah: O_O
[9/16/12 7:21:58 PM] alanah: is that….would they let us?

[9/16/12 7:22:05 PM] sam: it’s possible

[9/16/12 7:22:06 PM] alanah: are they like….

[9/16/12 7:22:10 PM] sam: like a nimbus cloud
[9/16/12 7:22:23 PM] sam: NIMBUS!!!

[9/16/12 7:22:24 PM] alanah: are they more like horses, thestrils, or centaurs?
[9/16/12 7:22:31 PM] alanah: oooooh
[9/16/12 7:22:35 PM] alanah: like broomsticks
[9/16/12 7:22:37 PM] alanah: ok, much better

[9/16/12 7:22:39 PM] sam: yes
[9/16/12 7:22:41 PM] sam: or like
[9/16/12 7:22:42 PM] sam: Carpet

[9/16/12 7:22:42 PM] alanah: ok
[9/16/12 7:22:47 PM] alanah: oooooo!
[9/16/12 7:22:49 PM] alanah: yay!
[9/16/12 7:22:50 PM] alanah: i love him

[9/16/12 7:22:52 PM] sam: or ya know
[9/16/12 7:22:54 PM] sam: Nimbus
[9/16/12 7:23:01 PM] sam: because Nimbus is awesome

[9/16/12 7:23:20 PM] alanah: my carpet is autumny colors, with, a devils trap on it, and, and blue highlights

[9/16/12 7:24:08 PM] sam: i think i just want mine to look like the TARDIS

[9/16/12 7:24:19 PM] alanah: and has a mini fridge
[9/16/12 7:24:23 PM] alanah: ok, it doesnt have a mini fridge
[9/16/12 7:24:28 PM] alanah: but its still really cool
[9/16/12 7:24:33 PM] alanah: yes
[9/16/12 7:24:37 PM] alanah: i knew yours would be a tardis
[9/16/12 7:24:41 PM] alanah: i knew knew

[9/16/12 7:24:43 PM] sam: yeah…

[9/16/12 7:24:44 PM] alanah: get out of my head.


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