Discuss: Is Steven Moffat Sexist?

9/16/12 6:01:17 PM] alanah: dude

[9/16/12 6:01:28 PM] sam: dude

[9/16/12 6:01:30 PM] alanah: that three stooges remake was seriously one of the worst movies
[9/16/12 6:01:41 PM] alanah: ive ever sat through two thirds of
[9/16/12 6:01:45 PM] alanah: against my will

[9/16/12 6:01:56 PM] sam: ugh
[9/16/12 6:01:59 PM] alanah: it was a literal waste of life
[9/16/12 6:02:03 PM] alanah: ugh
[9/16/12 6:02:18 PM] alanah: and now my sister has usurped the television for gossip girl
[9/16/12 6:02:24 PM] alanah: so i cant even watch A Town Called Mercy

[9/16/12 6:02:27 PM] sam: :(
[9/16/12 6:02:30 PM] alanah: AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHH

[9/16/12 6:02:30 PM] sam: :C

[9/16/12 6:02:38 PM] alanah: i have much of the anger

[9/16/12 6:02:52 PM] sam: ugh
[9/16/12 6:03:03 PM] sam: there are soooo many good lines in this episode

[9/16/12 6:03:47 PM] alanah: dangit
[9/16/12 6:03:50 PM] alanah: I NEED TO WATCH
[9/16/12 6:04:09 PM] alanah: it is necessary
[9/16/12 6:04:10 PM] alanah: for my life
[9/16/12 6:04:14 PM] alanah: to have happy in it
[9/16/12 6:04:40 PM] alanah: only the who will bring happy

[9/16/12 6:04:53 PM] sam: i don’t know about happy…
[9/16/12 6:04:57 PM] sam: maybe a little happy

[9/16/12 6:05:06 PM] alanah: the bad guy looks like kickpuncher

[9/16/12 6:05:12 PM] sam: oh yes

[9/16/12 6:05:12 PM] alanah: its at least a little happy

[9/16/12 6:05:16 PM] sam: haha
[9/16/12 6:05:31 PM] sam: for a few seconds I thought I was watching Firefly
[9/16/12 6:05:34 PM] sam: legit

[9/16/12 6:06:21 PM] alanah: lol!
[9/16/12 6:06:24 PM] alanah: awesome

[9/16/12 6:07:07 PM] sam: oh man
[9/16/12 6:07:19 PM] sam: my Tumblr dash is full of Moffat hate…again

[9/16/12 6:07:39 PM] alanah: really??
[9/16/12 6:07:42 PM] alanah: why the moffat hate

[9/16/12 6:07:53 PM] sam: oh yeah, I see it a lot

[9/16/12 6:07:56 PM] alanah: moffat is the very definition of love and space-jesus

[9/16/12 6:08:08 PM] sam: people complain about his female characters allll the time

[9/16/12 6:08:14 PM] alanah: lame
[9/16/12 6:08:40 PM] sam: saying that River Song is pretty much a sex symbol with absolutely no life outside of her borderline obsession with the doctor
[9/16/12 6:09:14 PM] sam: and that Amy has been defined to the audience almost exclusively through her relationships with the Doctor and Rory, like we aren’t told much about her per se
[9/16/12 6:09:29 PM] sam: outside of the fact that she had red hair…and grew up with a crack in her well
[9/16/12 6:09:31 PM] sam: *wall..

[9/16/12 6:10:54 PM] alanah: wow

[9/16/12 6:10:56 PM] sam: characters reduce Amy to her sexuality, i.e. her legs, and she doesn’t tend to argue so people say that’s sexist…

[9/16/12 6:11:09 PM] alanah: i feel like that is such a simplification.
[9/16/12 6:11:13 PM] alanah: wow.
[9/16/12 6:11:16 PM] alanah: WOW.

[9/16/12 6:11:27 PM] sam: oh then there’s the whole, Amy was reduced to her reproductive system for an entire season thing
[9/16/12 6:11:44 PM] sam: without ever having any indication that she ever really wanted to be a mother
[9/16/12 6:12:18 PM] sam: which again (me speaking not crazy tumblr people) is largely due to the fact that we see very little of the Ponds solo…

[9/16/12 6:12:40 PM] alanah: i feel like people are reading their insecurities into the show
[9/16/12 6:12:50 PM] alanah: its not analysis, its eisegesis.

[9/16/12 6:12:52 PM] sam: though given what we have seen I’m not sure she really did want kids for herself…

[9/16/12 6:13:30 PM] alanah: i agree, but i dont think its because she DIDNT want kids, but rather because she dint really have a full grasp of parents for a long time

[9/16/12 6:13:33 PM] sam: yeah, and you know that if like every woman in the show was like a superwoman and didn’t act like she needed men at all and fit into the perfect like “feminist stereotype”
[9/16/12 6:13:38 PM] sam: people would still bitch

[9/16/12 6:13:39 PM] alanah: because her parents kind of didnt exist for a long time
[9/16/12 6:13:46 PM] alanah: and her childhood is all kinds of effed up
[9/16/12 6:13:56 PM] alanah: yeah for sure
[9/16/12 6:14:21 PM] alanah: i think that amy’s reaction to her baby is indicative that she loved her baby, even if she probably wasnt prepared for it or hadnt planned it
[9/16/12 6:14:47 PM] alanah: i think she’d have been an ok mom, but i guess that’s irrelevant

[9/16/12 6:14:58 PM] sam: I mean we’re left to assume that she now has memories of what it’s like to grow up with a family, like a normal kid. But she obviously still remembers what it was like to not grow up with a family so…yeah…7 different flavors of effed up

[9/16/12 6:15:18 PM] alanah: i feel like her and rory always planned on family, especially after the whole dream dude thing…
[9/16/12 6:15:28 PM] alanah: just seven?
[9/16/12 6:15:39 PM] alanah: we cant make it 31 and have ice cream with em?

[9/16/12 6:15:39 PM] sam: her mom-ness is part of the reason i’m ok with her not being able to let go of the Docotr…even though she should
[9/16/12 6:15:40 PM] sam: lol

[9/16/12 6:15:51 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/16/12 6:15:53 PM] sam: we could make it 31 I think that’s fair

[9/16/12 6:16:01 PM] alanah: well, her mom-jacked-ness

[9/16/12 6:16:07 PM] sam: yes

[9/16/12 6:16:10 PM] alanah: *crowd goes oooooooooh*

[9/17/12 11:04:13 PM] alanah: to continue on moffat…
[9/17/12 11:04:35 PM] alanah: and the peeps who think he’s sexist
[9/17/12 11:05:04 PM] alanah: i kind of have to wonder, where does this whole “river song is a sex symbol defined by her obsession with the doctor” thing come from?
[9/17/12 11:05:16 PM] alanah: is that something you agree with?
[9/17/12 11:05:19 PM] alanah: because i want to hit it
[9/17/12 11:05:21 PM] alanah: in the face
[9/17/12 11:05:35 PM] alanah: with pipes
[9/17/12 11:05:37 PM] alanah: lead pipes
[9/17/12 11:05:41 PM] alanah: in the library
[9/17/12 11:06:12 PM] sam: lol
[9/17/12 11:06:30 PM] sam: well i think it comes from her monologue in The Wedding of River Song
[9/17/12 11:06:53 PM] sam: where she claims that the doctor dying with cause her more pain than the rest of the universe combined will feel if he dies

[9/17/12 11:07:40 PM] alanah: thats dumb. she was being sentimental! the man she loves is about to splode

[9/17/12 11:07:44 PM] sam: which i dunno yes it’s touching, albeit melodramatic because I still feel like we know so little of the relationship that she’s familiar with with him

[9/17/12 11:07:52 PM] alanah: exactly
[9/17/12 11:08:06 PM] alanah: its like “i love you more than anyone has every loved anyone ever!”

[9/17/12 11:08:15 PM] sam: i don’t think that one moment is justification for her entire prescence on the show being a sex symbol, but there are others things too

[9/17/12 11:08:17 PM] alanah: which is total bullfrak, not really true
[9/17/12 11:08:40 PM] alanah: well i mean, she’s definitely flirtatious
[9/17/12 11:08:56 PM] alanah: whether its the “ooo handcuffs” or her “hello sweetie”

[9/17/12 11:08:59 PM] sam: like how she talks about her sex life a lot (i.e. I dated a duplicate once, swappable head, did keep things fresh)

[9/17/12 11:09:06 PM] alanah: but we have to remember that, for her, this is her husband
[9/17/12 11:09:51 PM] alanah: who she’s done all kinds of stuff with, perhaps a decade eventually, of love and adventure, where their nights together are literally stolen, and so definitely impassioned, and probably overly kinky
[9/17/12 11:09:56 PM] alanah: i mean, the doctors a legit weird dude

[9/17/12 11:10:14 PM] sam: yeah i mean i always liked that she was a more “adult” character because it’s just not something you saw much after Captain Jack wasn’t around
[9/17/12 11:10:19 PM] sam: lol

[9/17/12 11:10:23 PM] alanah: but she’s not like….
[9/17/12 11:10:23 PM] alanah: HA
[9/17/12 11:10:27 PM] alanah: ok, tru DAT
[9/17/12 11:10:31 PM] alanah: mmmm jack…
[9/17/12 11:10:32 PM] alanah: ahem
[9/17/12 11:10:33 PM] alanah: anyway

[9/17/12 11:10:39 PM] sam: yes
[9/17/12 11:10:40 PM] sam: mm

[9/17/12 11:10:44 PM] alanah: but she’s not like, distasteful
[9/17/12 11:10:50 PM] alanah: or even flaunty
[9/17/12 11:10:53 PM] alanah: she dresses classily
[9/17/12 11:11:03 PM] alanah: she’s an older woman

[9/17/12 11:11:06 PM] sam: no i don’t think so at all

[9/17/12 11:11:15 PM] alanah: she’s pretty, but she’s not like, the typical smokin female actress

[9/17/12 11:11:16 PM] sam: though technically i think she the youngest of all of them
[9/17/12 11:11:18 PM] sam: which is weird…

[9/17/12 11:11:21 PM] alanah: i mean, the hair
[9/17/12 11:11:30 PM] alanah: @_x
[9/17/12 11:11:32 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/17/12 11:11:32 PM] sam: right?
[9/17/12 11:11:34 PM] alanah: brain breaker

[9/17/12 11:11:36 PM] sam: weird….

[9/17/12 11:11:38 PM] alanah: ugh
[9/17/12 11:11:41 PM] alanah: def weird
[9/17/12 11:11:55 PM] alanah: but i mean, the doctor is so….slow? to embracing his physicality
[9/17/12 11:12:06 PM] alanah: that i think kissing is all we’re to assume they do
[9/17/12 11:12:08 PM] alanah: for a long long time

[9/17/12 11:12:11 PM] sam: yeah

[9/17/12 11:12:29 PM] alanah: and her relationship with the doctor is indeed obsessive while she’s BRAINWASHED
[9/17/12 11:12:34 PM] alanah: by the evil folks at demon’s run
[9/17/12 11:12:40 PM] alanah: she grows up a machine
[9/17/12 11:12:45 PM] alanah: but then she totally overcomes that!
[9/17/12 11:13:09 PM] alanah: and spends the rest of her life not obsessed, but questing for the truth about herself, and then in love with the man who gave her everything
[9/17/12 11:13:37 PM] alanah: so to belittle her by making her out to be just a sex symbol and obsesser is, like…..cheap

[9/17/12 11:13:36 PM] sam: yes, and I have no doubts that some of that homicidal obsessive could have been channeled into her sudden romantic obsession, hence the feelings pain and suffering at his demise.

[9/17/12 11:13:48 PM] alanah: yeah that’s def valid
[9/17/12 11:13:56 PM] alanah: i mean, she’s kind of intense about everything

[9/17/12 11:13:59 PM] sam: quite

[9/17/12 11:14:05 PM] alanah: but she lives suuuuch an intense life
[9/17/12 11:14:08 PM] alanah: i mean, how can she not be
[9/17/12 11:14:12 PM] alanah: i dunno
[9/17/12 11:14:19 PM] alanah: when she needs to be calm and cool headed, she can be
[9/17/12 11:14:30 PM] alanah: she often is the cooler of the two – she keeps him in check sometimes
[9/17/12 11:14:43 PM] alanah: the way he used to when she was “younger”
[9/17/12 11:14:46 PM] alanah: (@_x)
[9/17/12 11:14:51 PM] alanah: blaaah
[9/17/12 11:14:54 PM] alanah: ages…
[9/17/12 11:15:14 PM] alanah: so i feel like we can get sexist from river…
[9/17/12 11:15:18 PM] alanah: amy on the other hand…
[9/17/12 11:15:27 PM] alanah: i mean, i dunno that id call it sexism
[9/17/12 11:15:39 PM] alanah: i think id just call it unfortunate.
[9/17/12 11:15:50 PM] alanah: i mean, we see her in a cop kink uniform, you know?
[9/17/12 11:15:55 PM] alanah: when we meet adult her
[9/17/12 11:16:09 PM] alanah: but at the same time, her childhood is messed
[9/17/12 11:16:14 PM] alanah: messssssssed

[9/17/12 11:16:22 PM] sam: yeah i mean the comments by Rory about her legs, and The Doctor naming her legs….her being reduced to her legs…it would be insulting if it wasn’t coming from people that we know love and adore her to pieces

[9/17/12 11:16:37 PM] alanah: abandonment issues, potential lack of father figure (absolute lack of any figure since her parents sort of dont exist for a long time)
[9/17/12 11:16:48 PM] alanah: exactly
[9/17/12 11:16:55 PM] alanah: but i mean, we call the doctor the chin

[9/17/12 11:16:57 PM] sam: it’s one thing if a total stranger came up to her and said, “hey what’s going on legs?” but like if Rory said it I just think it’s cute…
[9/17/12 11:16:58 PM] sam: lol

[9/17/12 11:16:59 PM] alanah: and rory the nose
[9/17/12 11:17:10 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/17/12 11:17:15 PM] alanah: i mean, rory’s her significant other
[9/17/12 11:17:25 PM] alanah: he’s ALLOWED to love his fiance’s legs
[9/17/12 11:17:29 PM] alanah: i mean, look at rory
[9/17/12 11:17:31 PM] alanah: look at him

[9/17/12 11:17:33 PM] sam: right
[9/17/12 11:17:34 PM] sam: lol

[9/17/12 11:17:35 PM] alanah: he landed such a hot chick!
[9/17/12 11:17:37 PM] alanah: go him!
[9/17/12 11:17:54 PM] alanah: but amy is so much more, and the doctor treats her like it
[9/17/12 11:17:59 PM] alanah: and makes sure we know it
[9/17/12 11:18:05 PM] alanah: i mean, A Town Called Mercy
[9/17/12 11:18:06 PM] alanah: GUH
[9/17/12 11:18:26 PM] alanah: she rose to the occasion, and was better than any man in the town, including the doctor
[9/17/12 11:18:33 PM] alanah: she’s powerful, and intelligent
[9/17/12 11:18:42 PM] alanah: and, yes, very flawed, as we’ve already discussed

[9/17/12 11:18:44 PM] sam: can’t use a pistol, but yes

[9/17/12 11:18:45 PM] alanah: oh amy…
[9/17/12 11:18:48 PM] alanah: XD
[9/17/12 11:18:48 PM] alanah: yes
[9/17/12 11:18:51 PM] alanah: cannot use a pistol
[9/17/12 11:18:53 PM] alanah: which, why?

[9/17/12 11:18:58 PM] sam: yeah i don’t get it

[9/17/12 11:19:04 PM] alanah: she was all about that massie gun in DinosOAS

[9/17/12 11:19:08 PM] sam: yup

[9/17/12 11:19:11 PM] alanah: right?
[9/17/12 11:19:13 PM] alanah: cmon amy!

[9/17/12 11:19:14 PM] sam: no sense made

[9/17/12 11:19:17 PM] alanah: none
[9/17/12 11:20:12 PM] alanah: yeah…..i feel like amy’s sex-symbolism is more a result of her childhood, and we see those parts of her, not highlighted, but noticeable, because we’re meant to understand that she’s a little messed up
[9/17/12 11:20:37 PM] alanah: she chooses to wear short shirts and shorts because she knows she has good legs, and probably flaunts em to get noticed
[9/17/12 11:20:57 PM] alanah: i mean, without a family for so long, and with the doctor leaving, she’s looking for male attention all of her life, you know?

[9/17/12 11:21:04 PM] sam: yeah i mean they picked on her in a short about not ever wearing proper pants

[9/17/12 11:21:09 PM] alanah: and now, we almost always see her in pants, dont we?

[9/17/12 11:21:16 PM] sam: yeah much more often

[9/17/12 11:21:20 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/17/12 11:21:22 PM] alanah: hm…
[9/17/12 11:21:57 PM] alanah: as for being “reduced to her reproductive system for a year”
[9/17/12 11:22:00 PM] alanah: thats sad
[9/17/12 11:22:13 PM] alanah: it was clearly an act of evil, and depicted as such, to have been used that way
[9/17/12 11:22:25 PM] alanah: it was meant to be horror, not meant to be “this is all a woman is good for”

[9/17/12 11:22:36 PM] sam: yeah i mean, i think the most upsetting thing about that whole bit is that the Doctor felt he had to keep it a secret from them the whole time

[9/17/12 11:22:42 PM] alanah: UGH
[9/17/12 11:22:44 PM] alanah: i know

[9/17/12 11:22:43 PM] sam: like not tell them she was plastic

[9/17/12 11:23:08 PM] alanah: which is weird, because i think, going back, we can see that he looks at her a bit different, smiles at her less
[9/17/12 11:23:16 PM] alanah: and poor rory…..

[9/17/12 11:23:25 PM] sam: and that the most horrific parts of Amy’s experience, we know nothing about. Like what they did to her while she was there/immediately following Melody’s birth

[9/17/12 11:23:28 PM] alanah: i mean, ganger amy was obviously a ringer for real amy
[9/17/12 11:23:40 PM] alanah: believing it was amy did the trick
[9/17/12 11:23:49 PM] alanah: oh yes!
[9/17/12 11:23:59 PM] alanah: like, what i wanna know, is how much of her captivity does she remember?
[9/17/12 11:24:07 PM] alanah: was she mostly unconscious the whole time?

[9/17/12 11:24:17 PM] sam: i mean presumably they did some weird stuff to her, hence the barren-ness

[9/17/12 11:24:26 PM] alanah: how did they keep her from developing bed sores, atrophy?
[9/17/12 11:24:29 PM] alanah: ugh
[9/17/12 11:24:34 PM] alanah: i imagine the delivery was horrid
[9/17/12 11:24:40 PM] alanah: they probably scarred her internally
[9/17/12 11:24:42 PM] alanah: on purpose
[9/17/12 11:24:43 PM] alanah: ugh
[9/17/12 11:24:46 PM] alanah: *feels sick*

[9/17/12 11:24:51 PM] sam: yeah it’s terrifying guh

[9/17/12 11:25:03 PM] alanah: i almost think that those details were purposefully avoided
[9/17/12 11:25:09 PM] alanah: simply because this is a family show

[9/17/12 11:25:22 PM] sam: right I think so too

[9/17/12 11:25:32 PM] alanah: its realy hard to explain genital mutilation or internal mutilation to a nine year old
[9/17/12 11:25:38 PM] alanah: god…

[9/17/12 11:25:42 PM] sam: yeah…

[9/17/12 11:25:56 PM] alanah: are we in agreement then?
[9/17/12 11:26:03 PM] alanah: moffat isnt sexist?
[9/17/12 11:26:13 PM] alanah: amy is just damaged (news to zero people)
[9/17/12 11:26:19 PM] alanah: and river is awesometastic

[9/17/12 11:26:23 PM] sam: I don’t think Moffat’s writing of Amy and River is entirely sexist
[9/17/12 11:26:29 PM] sam: unfortunately he has said things
[9/17/12 11:26:31 PM] sam: in interviews

[9/17/12 11:26:33 PM] alanah: oh no!
[9/17/12 11:26:36 PM] alanah: really?!

[9/17/12 11:26:35 PM] sam: that are not good

[9/17/12 11:26:39 PM] alanah: I DONT KNOW THIS

[9/17/12 11:26:39 PM] sam: yeah

[9/17/12 11:26:41 PM] alanah: nooooooo
[9/17/12 11:26:43 PM] alanah: frak

[9/17/12 11:26:46 PM] sam: it’s upsetting

[9/17/12 11:26:51 PM] alanah: ugh
[9/17/12 11:26:55 PM] alanah: day ruined

[9/17/12 11:26:59 PM] sam: that’s where a lot of things comes from too I think

[9/17/12 11:27:01 PM] alanah: what has he said?!

[9/17/12 11:27:28 PM] sam: people know that about him and so they watch his stuff through a different lens because they know his “beliefs” and it makes them see a different show than what’s actually on the screen
[9/17/12 11:27:36 PM] sam: uhm hang on i’ll find something

[9/17/12 11:27:41 PM] alanah: ok
[9/17/12 11:29:05 PM] alanah: i mean, i feel like the mark of a great storyteller is being able to produce work that is directly unaffected by your personal beliefs. i mean, i could write for supernatural and my own theology wouldnt even go neeeear the super insane warped judeo-christian fake-theology there…
[9/17/12 11:29:33 PM] alanah: but i can absolutely see how moffat, as a person, would be disliked
[9/17/12 11:30:00 PM] alanah: ill be super pissed at him, but ill still think he’s the best who-writer…
[9/17/12 11:30:04 PM] alanah: this makes me sad.

[9/17/12 11:31:02 PM] sam: yeah
[9/17/12 11:31:07 PM] sam: here’s one of the major things
[9/17/12 11:31:07 PM] sam: “There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married – we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands.”

[9/17/12 11:31:09 PM] alanah: i mean, you know me
[9/17/12 11:31:11 PM] alanah: i hate women
[9/17/12 11:31:29 PM] alanah: ugh
[9/17/12 11:31:37 PM] alanah: but then he has to go and do that
[9/17/12 11:31:50 PM] alanah: i mean, i hate women, but i dont HATE women….
[9/17/12 11:31:58 PM] alanah: and i dont undermine them, or think them inferior
[9/17/12 11:32:16 PM] alanah: i agree that the idea of a woman being needy is a tough thing to do in a storyline

[9/17/12 11:32:17 PM] sam: “Well, the world is vastly counted in favour of men at every level – except if you live in a civilised country and you’re sort of educated and middle-class, because then you’re almost certainly junior in your relationship and in a state of permanent, crippled apology. Your preferences are routinely mocked. There’s a huge, unfortunate lack of respect for anything male.”

[9/17/12 11:32:25 PM] alanah: writing a needy woman doesnt have be a sexist thing
[9/17/12 11:32:40 PM] alanah: but to say that “that’s just the truth” about woman needing husbands where men dont…
[9/17/12 11:32:44 PM] alanah: that’s simply ridiculous
[9/17/12 11:33:05 PM] alanah: ah
[9/17/12 11:33:13 PM] alanah: see, i actually agree with that second quote
[9/17/12 11:33:18 PM] alanah: i say it alot
[9/17/12 11:33:31 PM] alanah: we see a lot of feminists, but where are the masculinists?
[9/17/12 11:33:49 PM] alanah: not every dude is a man-whore, jock woman beater

[9/17/12 11:33:59 PM] sam: yeah, and a lot of the typical quotes are from a while ago so…I dunno…

[9/17/12 11:34:08 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/17/12 11:34:18 PM] alanah: i mean, i see the point, is what i mean

[9/17/12 11:34:24 PM] sam: yeah

[9/17/12 11:34:56 PM] alanah: clearly, the guy makes some suppositions about women being fundamentally……whats the word
[9/17/12 11:35:08 PM] alanah: overcompensated by current society

[9/17/12 11:35:16 PM] sam: I do too, like how Miss Evangelista couldn’t be both smart and pretty, and when kathy Nightingale went back to 1920 her husband just followed her and wouldn’t stop and then…married
[9/17/12 11:35:25 PM] sam: i’ve noticed these things
[9/17/12 11:35:32 PM] sam: but they don’t really upset me

[9/17/12 11:35:39 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/17/12 11:35:45 PM] alanah: because they dont feel like grand statements about women
[9/17/12 11:35:51 PM] alanah: but characteristics of characters
[9/17/12 11:35:54 PM] alanah: i think you’re right
[9/17/12 11:36:05 PM] alanah: people who know this aspect of moffat see these things through the lens of sexism
[9/17/12 11:36:24 PM] alanah: if you didnt know he had that personal belief, you’d never notice

[9/17/12 11:36:55 PM] sam: and I think calling him sexist for those things is something that someone really sensitive to it would do

[9/17/12 11:37:04 PM] alanah: because his characters, including his female ones, are so multi-dimensional and well-made, that they simply read realistic, human, and flawed as people, not as women
[9/17/12 11:37:10 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/17/12 11:37:11 PM] alanah: i agree
[9/17/12 11:37:21 PM] sam: guh…
[9/17/12 11:37:26 PM] alanah: so moffat may be a bit sexist, personally

[9/17/12 11:37:34 PM] sam: a bit….

[9/17/12 11:37:36 PM] alanah: but i dont believe his work, especially in who, is
[9/17/12 11:38:37 PM] alanah: and i think its fair to say his work isnt affected by his apparent sexism, but i can see how someone sensitive to it could feel it
[9/17/12 11:38:54 PM] alanah: in a way, i think i stand by what i said at the beginning
[9/17/12 11:39:06 PM] alanah: it feels like people projecting their own insecurities onto the show

[9/17/12 11:39:15 PM] sam: yup

[9/17/12 11:39:18 PM] alanah: yeah
[9/17/12 11:39:20 PM] alanah: ok
[9/17/12 11:39:23 PM] alanah: i feel a lot better
[9/17/12 11:39:27 PM] alanah: phew


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