Addendum: In which Sam says, “Amy Is NOT A Crack Baby”

[9/17/12 11:39:56 PM] sam: so yeah do you want to hear my reasoning for not completely condemning amy for her doctor dependence?

[9/17/12 11:40:11 PM] alanah: sure


[9/17/12 11:43:31 PM] sam: Ok so one major development with Amy and the Doctor that kind of feels to me like it gets swept under the rug is the fact that she’s his mother in law…and that she’s even a mother. We are reminded of the fact, but we’ve rarely seen her in an active mothering role with her actual child. In a lot of ways the Doctor is the closest she can get to River, and The Doctor has kind of become her kid too. I keep thinking that you know the Doctor made the decision in The God Complex that he should leave them and nothings changed so why change his mind? But things have changed, and even though it doesn’t seem like it noticeably, I think there’s this unspoken agreement from Amy that now that she’s his…mother-in-law he like…owes it to her to pop in every once in a while.

[9/17/12 11:50:10 PM] alanah: O_O
[9/17/12 11:50:11 PM] alanah: that’s right
[9/17/12 11:50:13 PM] alanah: mother in law
[9/17/12 11:50:15 PM] alanah: eeeeeeeewwwwww

[9/17/12 11:50:33 PM] sam: yeah i mean they say it in the s6 finale

[9/17/12 11:50:35 PM] alanah: true

[9/17/12 11:50:38 PM] sam: but it’s kind of like joke…

[9/17/12 11:50:45 PM] alanah: and i mean, in the last episode, he said he was 1200 now, right?
[9/17/12 11:51:04 PM] alanah: so we have to assume that he’s been with river for a long time now…
[9/17/12 11:51:09 PM] alanah: and the ponds
[9/17/12 11:51:13 PM] alanah: a very long time

[9/17/12 11:52:06 PM] sam: yeah i mean he’s at least 100 years older than he was at the end of s6

[9/17/12 11:52:13 PM] alanah: surrusly

[9/17/12 11:52:14 PM] sam: well roughly 100 years

[9/17/12 11:52:18 PM] alanah: which is weird, right?

[9/17/12 11:52:25 PM] sam: he’s been alone for a while…

[9/17/12 11:52:28 PM] alanah: its like, he’s trying to distance himself from them
[9/17/12 11:52:39 PM] alanah: but i think he’s just remembering, every time he sees river
[9/17/12 11:52:44 PM] alanah: the ponds are his family
[9/17/12 11:52:51 PM] alanah: the only family he’s ever going to have again
[9/17/12 11:52:56 PM] alanah: the last family he’s got

[9/17/12 11:53:01 PM] sam: except for Jenny!

[9/17/12 11:53:06 PM] alanah: i mean….of course he wouldnt let them go
[9/17/12 11:53:12 PM] alanah: yeaaah but he doesnt know jenny’s alive!
[9/17/12 11:53:24 PM] alanah: and she’s totes dead by now
[9/17/12 11:53:25 PM] alanah: lol
[9/17/12 11:53:27 PM] alanah: XD

[9/17/12 11:53:29 PM] sam: lol

[9/17/12 11:53:30 PM] alanah: im so mean..

[9/17/12 11:53:38 PM] sam: there were rumors that Moff was gonna bring her back

[9/17/12 11:53:45 PM] alanah: yeah?

[9/17/12 11:53:51 PM] sam: ayup

[9/17/12 11:53:58 PM] alanah: *snorts*
[9/17/12 11:54:07 PM] alanah: i almost made a “married to the show” joke
[9/17/12 11:54:29 PM] alanah: but then i didnt

[9/17/12 11:55:11 PM] sam: ugh it all just hurts my heart

[9/17/12 11:55:24 PM] alanah: yeah….
[9/17/12 11:55:36 PM] alanah: i mean, ive been hard on the doctor for the last few days
[9/17/12 11:55:45 PM] alanah: i forget how sad his life is, sometimes

[9/17/12 11:55:50 PM] sam: there are just these moments in the show when we see the doctor alone
[9/17/12 11:55:59 PM] sam: and i feel like they’re becoming more and more prevalent

[9/17/12 11:56:06 PM] alanah: yeah

[9/17/12 11:56:07 PM] sam: and i know he isn’t going to be alone

[9/17/12 11:56:14 PM] alanah: and more worrisome is the times the doctor is alone that we dont see
[9/17/12 11:56:24 PM] alanah: centuries’ worth, apparently

[9/17/12 11:57:34 PM] sam: yeah and I mean Kahel-Jex gave him all the reason in the world to reflect on his past and be really fraking pissed off

[9/17/12 11:57:44 PM] alanah: yeah

[9/17/12 11:57:54 PM] sam: really really non-subtle metaphors…
[9/17/12 11:57:56 PM] sam: really

[9/17/12 11:58:08 PM] alanah: really

[9/17/12 11:58:12 PM] sam: but I still feel like, why is all the rage coming back now?

[9/17/12 11:58:14 PM] alanah: really really

[9/17/12 11:58:21 PM] sam: like he’s dealt with all of it before

[9/17/12 11:58:23 PM] alanah: yeah…
[9/17/12 11:58:29 PM] alanah: it doesnt read well on matt smith
[9/17/12 11:58:46 PM] alanah: he doesnt do righteous rage very well, its only ever….sharp

[9/17/12 11:58:47 PM] sam: not like I think he should EVER be over it, but I just feel like he lost his head more than he should have?

[9/17/12 11:58:49 PM] alanah: and ugly

[9/17/12 11:58:53 PM] sam: yeah

[9/17/12 11:59:11 PM] alanah: like, i understand that the doctor has the right to freak out sometimes, and lose his temper
[9/17/12 11:59:30 PM] alanah: but with tennant, it always felt so justified, whereas smith….
[9/17/12 11:59:34 PM] alanah: i think its because of his face
[9/17/12 11:59:38 PM] alanah: he looks so boyish and young
[9/17/12 11:59:55 PM] alanah: that when he gets mad and angry and fierce, it reads like a child getting angry and fierce
[9/18/12 12:00:08 AM] alanah: its not something we respect, its something we instinctively scold

[9/18/12 12:00:07 AM] sam: it’s also been happenin a lot lately

[9/18/12 12:00:24 AM] alanah: its not an acting criticism, just a fact of appearance…
[9/18/12 12:00:25 AM] alanah: yes
[9/18/12 12:00:29 AM] alanah: it has
[9/18/12 12:00:34 AM] alanah: but it hink its cuz its building up to something

[9/18/12 12:00:38 AM] sam: yeah

[9/18/12 12:00:48 AM] alanah: i mean, we had a buildup to tennant trying to MAKE the laws of time obey him
[9/18/12 12:00:56 AM] alanah: and he was almost totally screwed for it
[9/18/12 12:01:05 AM] alanah: i think smith’s doctor is ramping to something similar
[9/18/12 12:01:22 AM] alanah: tennant’s doc lost the love of his life
[9/18/12 12:02:04 AM] alanah: smiths doc had his, but his new family is so marked with tragedy and separation and danger….

[9/18/12 12:02:11 AM] sam: i keep feeling like something is going on, or already has gone on and he’s actively trying to protect himself or the Ponds from it and every time he’s reminded of his own failures in the past he freaks out because whatever is happening that we don’t know about is soooo important.

[9/18/12 12:02:24 AM] alanah: yes
[9/18/12 12:02:27 AM] alanah: absolutely
[9/18/12 12:02:29 AM] alanah: i feel the same
[9/18/12 12:02:38 AM] alanah: there’s something bigger that he’s hiding
[9/18/12 12:02:46 AM] alanah: and once it all comes out, either someone is going to die
[9/18/12 12:02:51 AM] alanah: or someone is going to hate him forever

[9/18/12 12:02:55 AM] sam: and why…WHY did he so readily mention the Master

[9/18/12 12:02:59 AM] alanah: which is about the same, for him
[9/18/12 12:03:06 AM] alanah: njknjekarlgbeajz
[9/18/12 12:03:09 AM] alanah: i knoooooow!
[9/18/12 12:03:11 AM] alanah: *cries*

[9/18/12 12:03:13 AM] sam: i mean ok i’m probably just freaking out because…it’s the Master, but still

[9/18/12 12:03:16 AM] alanah: why-y-y-y-y!

[9/18/12 12:03:20 AM] sam: it legitimately scared me
[9/18/12 12:03:31 AM] sam: whenever I think about it I get goose-pimples


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